Terms & Conditions

  1. Definitions:

The following definitions shall complement the services agreement, being applied to the already established conditions.

WE- refers to World Mediatrans as well as to all subsidiaries and affiliates of World MediaTrans and their respective employees, agents or independent contractors.

YOU – refers to the client – the beneficiary/consigner of the shipment

TRANSPORT, DELIVERY – is represented by all operations and services related to a shipping entrusted to us.

DISPATCH – means any kind of documentation, parcels, packages or merchandise that travel with a sole transport document which were accepted by World MediaTrans for transportation.

  1. The parties between whom the agreement is concluded

You shall conclude the agreement with the representatives of World MediaTrans for the performance of the delivery. The clauses stipulated in the Terms and Conditions protect at the same time all of those who are under an agreement with us for collecting, transporting or delivering Your dispatch.

  1. Accepting the transportation conditions

The moment you hand over to us the dispatch or dispatches, You accept the Terms and Conditions of this agreement for transportation both for You and for the consignee, regardless whether you signed the transportation document or not.

No employee, agent, subcontractor of World MediaTrans and no one else has the authority to denunciate or to amend in any way any of the terms and conditions of the herein agreement or to make any promise on our behalf. In such case in which You entrust us a dispatch accompanied by written or verbal instructions that contravene with this agreement, World MediaTrans shall not be held liable for these instructions.

  1. International dispatches

You name us, based on this agreement, as agent in the customs operations for import and export and at the same time you certify the fact that we have the permission to assign a customs agent for these. You have the responsibility to make available, if necessary, the additional documentation requested by the customs authorities, on your expenses. Furthermore, you certify the fact that your statements regarding the export and import of a dispatch are honest and you are aware that any fraudulent or deceitful statement about the parcel or its content exposes you to the risk of a civil or criminal prosecution against You.

All expenses (fines, storage fees, etc.) that arise from the action of customs or a governmental authority as well as those generated by the impossibility of the consigner or consignee to make available the necessary documentation shall be imposed upon You.

  1. Dangerous / forbidden items

World MediaTrans does not accept the dispatch of dangerous or forbidden merchandise, in accordance with the IATA, DGR, ICAO, TI, ADR, IMDG specifications or to other domestic or international regulations concerning transportation.

  1. Routes

The routes as well as the means of transport of your dispatch shall be established by World MediaTrans in accordance with your requirements.

  1. Fees

You agree to pay the counter-value of the transportation between the two locations stated in the transport documentation, according to the fees in force on the date of the transport or in accordance with those particularly established with You. All the customs fees, VAT or any other fee generated by the delivery of a dispatch shall be paid at the moment of delivery. Delay of invoice payment leads to penalties.

In the case in which You notify us of the fact that you agreed with the consignee or third party to pay the counter-value of the transportation and/or any other additional fees or costs and these refuse to pay, You shall bear the obligation to pay all the expenses.

Our fees are applied for the largest between the physical and the volumetric weight (obtained with the help of the volumetric conversion relation). Besides the transportation fees, the Provider shall also invoice to the Beneficiary additional fees (fuel fee, the taking and delivery service for extended territories, the delivery on Saturday service, etc.).

  1. Wrong addresses/impossibility to deliver

In the case in which the destination address mentioned by You is wrong you shall be notified. If you indicate another re-routing address, the additional costs shall be borne by You.

In case the dispatch cannot be delivered (the assignee is not at home, etc.) we shall leave a note to the address of the assignee through which he/she is informed of our attempt to deliver. The note shall contain the number of the transportation document as well as a phone number at which this will be able to contact World MediaTrans for information concerning the respective dispatch.

If the second attempt to deliver also fails, You will be contacted to establish the measures that need to be taken. You agree to pay any additional fees and costs generated by the return of the dispatch, its redirecting, destruction or attempt to carry out a new (third) delivery.

  1. Your warranties regarding the safety of the delivery

You state the following:

  • The content of the dispatch was adequately labelled and packed to protect it against the ordinary transportation risks.
  1. You prepared the dispatch under safety conditions through your employees and this was protected against unauthorised actions during packaging, storage and transportation before being picked up by World MediaTrans.
  2. The description of the dispatch content is in accordance with reality, and the transportation document and the address of the consignee are correctly and legible filled.
  • The dispatch does not contain goods forbidden or restricted by the domestic and international regulations.

10. Limit of liability/Our responsibility

A. Our liability is limited to the smallest of the following sums:

  • 000 Euro for domestic transportation, 50.000 Euro for external transportation
  • The real value of the loss or total or partial damage suffered by the dispatch

    B. We are not liable for:

  • Late deliveries
  • Circumstance beyond our will
  • We are not liable for the loss, destruction, damage, non-delivery or miss-delivery of a dispatch or part of it in case the following situations arise:
    1. Act of God which shall include: -Road blockages (fallen trees, rocks, chain collisions), landslide nearby the road, bridges collapsed, obstructed mountain tunnels, derailments nearby the road, natural blockages, unauthorised strikes, spontaneous regional riots, road accidents not caused by the driver of one of the contracting parties, etc.
    2. Force majeure, which shall include:
      1. Natural causes: earthquakes, cataclysm, devastating storms, tornado, natural fire, floods, rivers overflowing, floods getting out, etc.;
      2. Human causes: state of war, state of siege, forced nationalisation (shifting to state’s property, revolutions, popular riots, etc.;B.

The force majeure case can be invoked, but it shall be supported before the other party if it is part of the contractual clause, and the proof of its certification must be obtained from the Trade and Industry Chamber of Romania.

  • Inadequate /improper packaging, even if your dispatch was accepted to be delivered by us;
  • Hidden flaws or faults of the dispatch
  • Any act or omission of any person outside World MediaTrans: the consigner, the consignee, any interested third party, customs or other governmental institutions, air lines, airports, other carriers contacted by World MediaTrans for serving in the towns to which we do not deliver.
  1. Special losses (profit loss, income loss, interests, markets, auctions) or other indirect harm and damages caused by the delay, loss, destruction, faulty delivery or non-delivery of the dispatch, are not to be held against us, even if they are our fault or we would have had knowledge that such losses could occur. Also, the electric or magnetic degradation, deletion of electronic, photographic records or of images, that does not involve our liability in any way.
  1. Insurance

The risk of loss or degradation of the content of a dispatch can be covered by the insurance. World MediaTrans makes available to its clients an additional service for insuring the delivered goods, for which is charged a tax representing a percentage of the declared value of the dispatch. Filling in the corresponding box in the transport note leads to the insuring of your dispatch.

This insurance does not cover the indirect or special losses (stated in clause 11 B. point C) following the delay, loss, total or partial degradation of your dispatch.

  1. Complaints

Your complaints (the consigner) regarding the loss, miss-delivery, total or partial degradation of the dispatch as well as those concerning the employees of World MediaTrans shall be made according to the following procedure:

  1. The complaint must be submitted in writing to the correspondence address of World MediaTrans, stated in the contract, within maximum 20 calendar days from the date the dispatch was taken by World MediaTrans.
  2. The complaint must be supported by documents by providing all relevant data regarding the event.
  3. You must make available to us the original packaging for examining it.

We reserve the right to decline your complaint if the above described procedure is not complied with.